“Blind” is an electro acoustic piece commissioned by Sparkling Sound Festival 2016 in Copenhagen. A revised outdoor version was presented by Aarhus Theatre on September 24th.

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The piece was originally commissioned as a work of music, but composer Niels Bjerg and choreographer Kirstine Kyhl Andersen decided to try out choreographic ideas from their ongoing research of spatializing music by dancers carrying portable speakers. The audience are seated in the middle while the choreography goes on around and amongst them.

When performed live “Blind” is a choreography that can be experienced without seeing. The title also refers to the composing proces where the composer has been “blindly” following the natural occurrences of musical objects such as melodies and rhythms found within field recordings as a basis of the composition.

The choreography was originally carried out by the two dancers Kasper Daugaard Poulsen and Ida Cæcilie Rasmussen. At Aarhus Theatre Niels Bjerg will carry out the part of Ida Cæcilie Rasmussen and there will be added six extras.

Composer: Niels Bjerg, Choreographer: Kirstine Kyhl Andersen, Dancers: Kasper Daugaard Poulsen and Ida Cæcilie Rasmussen (Niels Bjerg in Aarhus, September 2016)

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