OPTAGETHED is a podcasts series.
Each episode portrays a new person living i the west of Jutland. Through listening and recording the sounds, surrounding the everyday life of the portrayed person, we listen closely and find out if the sounds awaken emotions or memories. We turn the sound into music, interfere with the main characters' stories and can magically make the sound move like a dancer, in the soundscape. You will probably recognize sounds and be reminded of your own life, but perhaps you've never considered whether the sounds from your own daily life can be exciting or beautiful - like a piece of music.

Through sound, we portray people who are very special and quite ordinary. The sound of the podcast is recorded through two special microphones located inside the main character's ears, in the same way as small headphones. It's called a binaural recording, and provides a 3D experience, like surround sound in the cinema. In this podcast-series you can experience the movements of the sound through your ordinary headphones, heard from the main character's perspective.

You will hear different kinds of music that all are created with the sound-recordings from the main characters life, which we have transformed into tones, rhythms and choreography. The movements of the sound are composed in a similar way as dancers in a dance performance.

The language is in Danish, but if you feel like having a listen anyway, you can do so here below.

Photo by: Bálint Nagymihály
Photo by: Bálint Nagymihály